Electrical Engineering Works

Electrical Engineering Works

MANCO offers the following in the field of Electrical Engineering to provide services right from the earliest stages of project development through commissioning and bring expertise to the industries that we serve while applying core competencies and skills to all our work.
Our electrical services include but are not limited to the installation, testing and commissioning of the following:


Substation / Switch

a. MV/HV Power Transformer
b. HV Surge Arresterelectricalc. CT/CCVT
d. Power Circuit Breaker
e. HV Load Break Disconnect

f. HV Post Insulators
g. MV/HV Bus Ducts
h. MV/HV Cabling
i. Erection of Supports
j. Grounding System


electrcial2Industrial Lighting System

a. Lighting Poles
b. Perimeter & Tunnels Lights
c. Emergency Lighting Fixtures
d. Flood Lighting Fixtures
e. Area, Landscape & Amenity lights
f. High Bay Fixtures
g. Indoor & Commercial Fixtures
h. Hazardous Lighting Fixtures

Substation Control Building

a. MV Switchgear electrcial3
b. Relay & Control
c. Power Circuit Breaker
d. Battery Bank Charger
e. Power Distribution Panel Board
f. LV/MV Cabling
g. Cable Tray & Loaders
h. Consulting & Supports
i. Termination & Ferruling
j. Fire Alarm System


electrcial4Auxiliary & Miscellaneous Works

a. Instrumentation works
b. Lighting protection system
c. CATV/MATV System
d. Wiring Devices
e. Industrial & Commercial Bldg.
f. Cable Pulling
g. Splicing & Termination


Cathodic Protection

a. Installation of Cathodic Protection equipment for underground Process piping.
b. Testing and commissioning of Cathodic protection system carried by NACE certified Cathodic Protection Specialist.
c. Design and materials of Cathodic protection system will be arranged through third parties.